Stocks are bought on expectations, not facts.

EURUSD Trade Setup #3

Trade #2 was stopped -32 pips. Reversed trade to short!

EURUSD Trade Setup #2

Sold the earlier setup at 109 pips. :) New long entry using H4 charts last night. Off to work!

EURUSD Trade Setup

Broke 1.4445 resistance. hope the trade continues :) I am a boring fx trader. I do this to keep my TA sanity in place. :D
Performance of my practice account here:

MER Trade Setup and PX Trend

Can't resist the signals...

PX looks like has bounced from its support at 20.2 and high probability of resuming trend. BUT ex-date tomorrow so let's see.

Starting the Month Right

Can you blame me for being confused? Check this out: 

Can I get a "What the hell"? One day extremely bullish, next day extremely bearish, then now, extremely bullish again?! Let's hit it, Britney! ♫♪ "You drive me crazy..." ♫♪

Anyway, the market closed 42 points higher today. At some point during the day, it was up by as much as 65 points. I guess with the forced closings during yesterday's session, today's green shouldn't be surprising. But anyway, great way to start the month. ;) 

Hmmm...Well, we all know Mark doesn't know how to follow through. If you look at the chart above, the index has been swinging wildly...down one day then back up the next day (refer to the boxed areas). After a small bodied candle, it takes a dive. Since April, the market has done this two times with the third time happening now. If we follow the same pattern, tomorrow should be an uneventful day as far as the index is concerned. Then a nosedive should follow suit. :-? If I recall correctly, my deja vu scenarios have also been failing. Haha! So, I expect that the market will do something different this time. But let's assume Mark is guilty until proven innocent. :)) 

ISM Weekly

I put ISM on my watchlist last week when it closed at 3.11. Yesterday's and today's movement tells me that something is brewing with the group. I am now convinced that the trend has changed. Bought today with an average of 3.74. I'll be more than happy if this bull closes above 4 this week. :)