Stocks are bought on expectations, not facts.

About Amorito Girl

Graduated from De La Salle University - Manila with the course of BS Commerce major in Management of Financial Institutions last October 2008.

Trading Experience: Does the usual poker and other what not card games and bets count? :P Kidding aside, I've been playing alongside my parents' portfolio after learning about the stock market in college. Last December 2009, I started coming in this brokerage firm where I met Christina Hunt.

Trading Style: Trying to be a position and short-term trader at the same time! Notice the word trying?? I base my trading decisions on technical analysis (thanks Christina Hunt), Fundamental Analysis (c/o our mentor Daddy E) and haha, I listen cautiously to TSISMIS ANALYSIS, as well :P (Disclaimer: Cautiously listening to tsismis can either be a good or a bad thing  HAHA :P ) That's why I call my trades CHUCHU trades. It's a mix of TA, FA and that other TA :)) Welcome to Amorito's Chuchu Express!