Stocks are bought on expectations, not facts.

Last Minute Excitement

Ever since APM peaked at 0.10, I have been waiting for prices to rebound. I thought I lost my chance already the first time it retested 0.067 but when I saw the doji, coupled with the red candle in the 15-minute chart last October 10, I knew it needed some more time. Last Friday, I felt something was different. Not only was APM being bought up already, I saw that it was drying up near the 0.060 level. This was the low risk entry for APM. I admit, although I saw that the breakout above 0.061 was legit, I didn't buy APM just yet. I'm still rather slow in pulling the trigger. In short, I'm sooooo chicken. I thought APM needed some more confirmation. The thing is, when you wait for confirmation, your entry would be near the top. In APM's case last Friday, the confirmation came on breakout at 0.068. I bought there. Luckily, it was strong enough until the close and I was able to escape near the close. I sold 1/3 of my position at 0.071 but when I was it was a potential flag, I bought back on breakout again at 0.074. I sold that at 0.78 and the remaining 2/3 of my position (cost of 0.068) at 0.075. Phew! Pwede na. Next time, I need a better entry point. When the chart says it's a go, it's a go! If not, kambyo nalang. Hahaha! Moral of the story is...COURAGE! Trade what you see and not what you feel. ;) 

It's been a while...

I was reading my previous posts and realized how much I missed writing about the market and writing in general. I decided to resume blogging here instead of the new one I mentioned before because I started here and it has almost all of my thoughts since I started trading. I might be sentimental that way. But not so much.. Haha!

Anyway, I recently started trading again after a two month break. I may have missed certain run ups but I think it was a generally good idea. I haven't had a very long break. I also felt disconnected with the market so I wasn't that productive... I resumed trading just two weeks ago. I'm glad to say I have regained my "vision". Just like before, I could actually spot the "lightweight" stocks that could move the next day. I usually go through the all the charts from A to Zzz every night and I watch out for stocks that could move the next day. Like example, yesterday, I wrote down BRN and guess what, BRN is up 5.96% as of this writing. But for some reason, I can't trade it. Something's in the way and I can't seem to identify it.

I am actually writing because I'm a bit frustrated and writing actually helps me think things through. I had a glimpse of how I can be without that invisible obstacle. Yesterday, for some reason, I felt happy. And when I'm happy, I feel light. I feel free. I knew instantly that PX could move up and I bought at 14.4. I was able to sell at 15.24. At the end of the day, I was just breakeven but the point is, I started trading again. I traded what I saw. Reflexes were lightning fast. The past few weeks, I'm slow to react. Uuuuuugh... What's holding me baaaaack? I need to figure this out.