Stocks are bought on expectations, not facts.


"Why do you build me up, buttercup baby, 
Just to let me down and mess me around?" 

I dedicate this song to the so-called  jockey of WPI who built it up then let it down. So, what did he do? I didn't follow WPI intraday but I did hear some stuff about it. So, I'm reviewing the time and sales information to match what little info I have. I think he bought WPI from .65 to .68. I remember being amazed when I found out he was able to "secretly" sell all that he bought at .71 to .73. I said "secretly" because I didn't notice that he sold all already. I think he didn't sell it down. Instead, he just posted his selling and people just bought him up. When it failed to bounce back as expected, he sold down his core shares starting from .66 to .64. In a nutshell, its freakin' amazing how he was able to make a market for WPI for his portfolio size and come out of it alive. A true master at work. Hands down! :)) 

Today was definitely a basura day. Can you just imagine me skipping happily in a pile of basura, if you wanna take it literally? =)) My favorite today was BKD. I was buying it from 1.21 to 1.32. I was able to escape with some profit as I sold at 1.43 and 1.32. I'm finding it interesting figuring out which basura will fly next. I actually still have a position on EVER. I have my fingers crossed. I bought this just last Friday then bought more yesterday and today. BHI was the one that got away. 


Anonymous said...

strong buy lc/lcb

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina and Harley! How are you guys? How's your trading?

Christina Hunt said...

hey abiiiii! mmm... im alive but im barely breathing?? hahahah!! how about you? kumusta na? :D

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