Stocks are bought on expectations, not facts.

Roller Coaster Stock of the Day

And this award goes to.... 

Boulevard Holdings, Inc.

Just the other day, an office mate of mine asked if I was the one who bought "Boulevard of Dreams". I said, no, baka maging Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Well, I believe the dreams are being fixed now. :P Anyway, the daily chart of BHI looks like a weaker ZHI. BHI was consolidating within a narrow range between .192 and .206. When I saw that it even gapped up today, I decided to buy a little. Experimental shares. I started buying at .202. When somebody followed and even ate up the next fluct, I decided to try again. I bought another batch at .204, .205, .206 then .21! It consolidated around .21 then booooom! .22! Then booooooom! .20. =)) I think this stock is also vying for "Heart Attack Stock" on top of being my Roller Coaster Stock of the Day. 


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