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Domino Effect

There wasn't much excitement during the first few minutes of trading. LC lang ata ung kumikinang sa mga mata ko nung una. But the thing is, LC gapped up again today and I was very hesitant to try to squeeze whatever money I could. I tried several times last week. The first time, I escaped with a little profit then the second and last try, with a small loss. Knowing LC has been going up for three days now, no way in hell would I re-enter at current levels. I thought it was gonna be a boring day. There isn't much excitement when Dow is up, don't you think? For someone with barely any position, it's very boring when prices gap up. But today was a little bit more special. Someone turned the light switch on and the PWR came on. ;) 

Paris Hilton? Haha! I've been hearing noise about her visit here two Fridays ago. A friend of mine bought PWR last August 5 in anticipation of a surge based on such news. Apparently, he bought too early and just when he thought the news was discounted already and there won't be any play anymore, PWR surges today. Anyway, he was still able to day trade it so, congrats! :)) 

Play. These days, traders are always on the lookout for what the next play is. The play in PWR woke some idle money up and I noticed they hit ZHI next. ZHI was lazily trading within a narrow range from 1.04 to 1.06 after reaching a high of 1.08 by the open. ZHI hit a 1.09 in this run but fell again by the close. I think we could use some comedy so let me tell you what I did with ZHI today. I bought near the open at 1.06. I was already so itchy to sell it down to 1.05 when I saw that it wasn't the time yet. But I decided to hold onto it first and see how it pans out. When the bids were toughening up and PWR started soaring, I kind of knew ZHI was next. I was right. It went to 1.09 but did I sell? Noooooo. I sold at 1.05. Then bought back again at 1.05. ZHI closed at 1.04. What the hell was I thinking?? Hahaha! I really like the intraday chart. I should have thought this would require a little more time since it definitely has no momentum yet and is still moving sideways. Duh, Christinuuuh! Hahaha! Umm, hanggang 1.04 nalang ako. Promise! :)) 

Today was like a domino effect. First was PWR, then ZHI, then all of a sudden, basura was flying everywhere! MRC, WPI, WIN, ARA...


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